Aspen Compressor was created to serve an emerging market for small and lightweight thermal management systems. The company designs and manufactures high quality, competitively-priced rotary compressors for use in microclimate systems, electronics cooling, portable appliances, and occasionally unusual or imaginative products that we may be uniquely qualified to design.

Our DC compressors provide variable speed control for efficient operation and precise load following. They also provide some of the highest power densities ever obtained in vapor compression cooling systems.  These compressors are ideally suited for the stringent demands of mobile and portable cooling.

The company believes that the next generation of thermal management will shift from traditional space conditioning to cooling objects and people.  Distributed cooling is expected to capture a significant portion of today’s space conditioning market and create opportunities for new and innovative products.  Through our line of small rotary compressors, Aspen provides the key enabling technology to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) for these new products that heretofore were not possible.



Aspen’s values begin with the commitment to exceeding our customers’ expectations. As a technology-based company, we provide a working environment that promotes creativity and innovation in order to produce high value-added products. We treat our customers and business partners as we do our own employees, with respect and courtesy, knowing well that we must go the extra distance to earn their trust and business.

Aspen’s culture places high expectations on ourselves with respect to creativity, professional development, ethics, and performance. Beginning with inclusiveness and accessibility, we encourage the discovery and application of new technology and the collaborative relationships both within and outside the company. All employees have an opportunity to develop and realize their full potential in an atmosphere of challenge and continuous improvement. And by understanding and anticipating our customers needs, we can provide product and supply-chain solutions that make a difference.